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Join the Creators Unleashed Live 5-Day Challenge!

Unlock Your Creative Potential and Transform Your Business in Just 5 Days!


Are you ready to take your content creation to the next level? Do you want to learn proven strategies to grow your podcast, build a thriving community, and turn your passion into a profitable business? Join us for the Creators Unleashed Live 5-Day Challenge—a power-packed, hands-on experience designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed.

Why You Should Join Creators Unleashed Live:

1. Hands-On Workshops Each day is a deep dive into essential topics, offering you actionable strategies you can implement immediately. No fluff, no filler—just straight-to-the-point workshops designed to maximize your learning and growth.

2. Live Q&A Sessions Got questions? We’ve got answers. Our live Q&A sessions allow you to get personalized advice and insights from industry experts. No question is too big or too small—our goal is to ensure you leave with clarity and confidence.

3. To-Do Assignments We believe in learning by doing. Each workshop comes with practical assignments that help you apply what you’ve learned and start seeing real changes in your business. These tasks are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and into action.

4. Proven Success Strategies Learn from the best in the industry.

5. Comprehensive Support Unlike traditional conferences, our 5-day challenge provides ongoing support. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. You won’t just learn; you’ll transform your approach to content creation and business growth.

What you will learn

Content Marketing Strategy

Building a Successful Community

Creating a Business with your Content

How to drive Business Engagement with Live video

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

How To Create an Offer that speaks for itself

Making Money with a Premium Brand

what other experts

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Do not wait, it's your turn to win!

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring and Established Content Creators: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your strategies, this challenge is for you.

Podcasters: Learn how to grow your audience and monetize your podcast quickly.

Community Builders: Discover how to create a thriving, engaged community around your content.

Entrepreneurs: Turn your content into a profitable business with our step-by-step guidance.

Live Streamers: Master the art of live video to boost engagement and reach.

Are you a Creator? This Conference is for you!

According to the definition, A creator is a person that brings something into existence.

So now The Question is: Are you a person who has brought, is bringing or keeps bringing something into existence?  


This is for Coaches, Teachers, Students, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, videographers, Graphic Designer, Youtubers, Podcasters, beauty professionals, Bloggers, Social Media Strategists, Artists, Music Composers, Authors and more?

Don’t Miss Out!

This is more than just a challenge; it’s a movement. A chance to unleash your creativity, elevate your brand, and achieve your business goals. Our yearly conference has been a huge success, and now, we’re bringing even more value directly to you with our intensive 5-day challenge.

Register Now and Transform Your Business!

Spaces are limited, and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity. Join us for the Creators Unleashed Live 5-Day Challenge and take the first step towards a more successful and impactful content creation journey.

meet our Trainers


As the founder of the Content Creators University , JP has grown his podcast to 6 figures in 5 months. He has also redefined the term “brand” to reach beyond business, helping individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and small business owners discover and embody their personal trademarked identity.


With over 15 years in the media/tech and IT industry, JP is a number 1 Amazon Best-Selling author and the C.E.O.  of Perfect Zone Productions, one of the Best One Stop Shop  Media & Branding Agencies in the state of Tennessee.


JP has embedded his mark as an influential leader in the personal branding and creative space and was recognized on several prestigious magazines such as CNN, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, Google News, Fox, Yahoo News, ESPN, and more.


JP is a Global Branding & Media Expert, a multi-talented cinematographer, software developer, Photographer, technology  solutionist and the president of Reveal TV Network. His ultimate goal is to help businesses scale faster and dominate their competition.

Josh Tapp Headshot.jpg

Josh Tapp is the founder of The Pantheon; a community of entrepreneurs linking arms in the fight for entrepreneurial freedom. Josh has successfully leveraged the Pantheon Method to take his podcast The Lucky Titan to the Top 5 on Apple Podcasts, to generate over $50m in Revenue and to build and sell 4 B2B companies. His exclusive mastermind The Alliance has attracted some of the biggest names from across the globe making Josh the foremost authority on relationship marketing having shared his methodologies with Kings, Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list artists, and over 1 Million entrepreneurs from across the globe. His mission? To rally the world's best humans to solve the world's biggest problems through entrepreneurship. 


Josh is a sixth generation entrepreneur whose journey actually began at the ripe age of eleven. Following the principles of passing down knowledge, his Dad offered him the option of choosing hard labor or reading a leadership book to earn money.  Promptly, Josh headed to the book shelf and chose the smallest book he could find: The Richest Man In Babylon.  Little did he know, that unassuming choice would catapult his mindset and motivation to build an entrepreneurial empire.  He read the book multiple times, and with each unveiling, he learned that building a business wasn’t really his goal.  His goal was owning a business empire and helping to change the world by sharing what he learned along the way.

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