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Get All the tools to Grow Your Business

with Content Creation

The "Content Creators University" is an online Community & learning platform that provides creators with solutions, tools, and strategies to MASTER the BUSINESS side of Creating Content.

leveraging Content Creation

Premium Brand

learn how to create a


Video Creation

Live Streaming

Social Media

As Part of the

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You will learn

How to Grow your business with Live Video

How to Develop your personal Branding & Visibility

How to land new branding deals with Amazon Live

How to make real money with Podcasting

How to destroy your competition

How to create a content engine to increase your GAP "Growth Authority & Profitability"

You will have access to

Ultimate Contract Pack (to send to clients for bookings)

Premium Private Community of like minded & successful creators

Monthly Group Session to check progress, hold each other accountable, and provide critical feedback.

Discounts on Master Classes and other Products.

Free access to replays of Business conferences & coaching sessions

Free access to replays of Video Podcast Live Recording

Access to CCU's Equipment Lists, Partners, and Exclusive Giveaways.

Weekly Podcast

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what other experts


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Linnita Hosten

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EXCEPTIONAL is the best word to describe JP's service. Timely, very creative, and SUPER knowledgeable. JP totally upgraded my online video presence and branded my weekly live. I receive SO many compliments about my music, visuals, and show production. ALL of which JP taught me and/or produced.  JP is THE guy.


Jeff Bartsch

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JP has both deep AND wide knowledge of media branding and live video strategy – not only does he walk the walk, he knows how to translate his own knowledge and experience into results for his clients. JP will absolutely help you achieve the clarity and impact you're looking for with your brand.


Troy Sandidge

  • Instagram
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I would highly recommend JP to any Startup, SMB, Entrepreneur, or Legacy Brand out there looking to find someone who can serve as a catalyst and give that edge you need in the development, redevelopment, or expansion of your brand assets and live-streaming capabilities in this ever-changing, evolving digital world we live in today.

meet the founder

JP Hightek is a Global Branding Expert.


As the Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Zone Productions, JP has embedded his mark as an influential leader in the personal branding and creative space.


JP has redefined the term “brand” to reach beyond business, helping individuals. organizations, and small business owners discover and embody their personal trademarked identity.


A multi-talented cinematographer, software developer, and technology solutionist he is also the president of Reveal TV Network, and the Founder and Host of Content Creators University


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